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Wooden tees:

Golf tees are our traditional main business and have more advantages on both quality and price. Your order can be completed within a shorter period of time.

Raw Tees: Without any paint, the beauty and fresh scent of untreated log.

Color Tees: Any PMS color is available, we have over 30 standard colors tees in our storehouse.

Material: Made of maple or hardwood.

We introduce environment protected paint which can meet European Standard.

Wooden tees:

Item no: CGT-WT-XX

Lengths: 42, 48, 54, 60, 70, 83, 101, 115mm

Common specifications54, 70, 83mm

Item no: CGT-WT-83

Item no: CGT-WT-70

Item no: CGT-WT-54

Item no: CGT-WT-48

Step golf tees:

Item no: CGT-WST-XX

Insert your tee to the right depth every time.

Lengths: 42, 54, 70, 83mm

Double tees:

Item no: CGT-WDT-XX

Lengths: 48, 54, 60, 70, 83, 101mm


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